Home Office Interior Design

Working from home is a dream for many people. But to make the best of working at home, it’s important to have a functional and comfortable space. There are a bunch of simple changes that you can incorporate into your design to make your office space optimal for creativity and hard work. These can include furniture design, extra decorations and functional accessories to add to the room.


If your home office is connected to another part of your house, whether it be a living room or bedroom, you might want to include a divider to keep the spaces separate and ensure that your office work stays focused. Modular cubes are a good option for this. You can arrange the cubes so that some will face the living room and others will face the office. Other ideas include a screen that can be slid open, which is a good cost effective option, or a mobile white board panel that can be used for writing, but also as a divider.

When choosing a desk for your home office, it’s important to have features that allow you to cover up the work without putting it away. This way, you can leave your papers undisturbed so that you can pick right up the next day and continue what you were working on. Also, desks that allow you to pull out cabinets for extra storage are another good idea, since they give you more space for storage and easy compartments to work with. If you don’t have room to add a desk, especially for those who are sharing their office with their living room, you might want to purchase a side table to conveniently store your paperwork at the end of the day.

The next important consideration is lighting. The most essential aspect of lighting for a home office is directional lighting that should be used to illuminate your workspace. There should also be a balanced addition of ambient lighting or natural light, to keep contrast between your computer screen and the rest of the room soft enough to not bother the eyes. Further use of overhead lights can add some balance to the room.

Being organized is one of the most critical considerations for a home office. If you don’t have a desk with different compartments to store pens, paper, rulers and other tools, you should consider finding convenient storage containers. Shelves are another great tool, which can help with storing books and documents. They also create a sophisticated feel to the room.


For more help with designing your home office and other parts of your home, ask the professionals at Lux Trim Interior Design, which are always happy to help.