How to Treat Contaminated Soil?

Dealing with contaminated soil is not an easy thing; you need to make right decision after accessing all the options. If this is your first time dealing with contaminated soil, it’s recommended that you consider hiring a waste disposal company specializing in contaminated soil. Enviro-Disposal Group is recognized as the best company for recycling and restoring contaminated soil. They serve all the states in New York and New Jersey. They are always ready to help you, even if they aren’t available in your area. The team at Enviro-Disposal Group is very committed to bringing you cost-effective, innovative contaminated soil recycling services at a price no one can resist.

How to Treat Contaminated Soil

But before we talk about how to treat contaminated soil, let’s have a look at what is contaminated soil:

Soil pollution or soil contamination is caused by the presence of soil pollutants and xenobiotic chemicals.  Improper removal of waste, agricultural chemicals and industrial activity are the big factors that can lead to soil contamination.

Contaminated soil treatment

The best thing one can do to counter soil contamination is adding organic matter to the contaminated soil. You can also consider adding peat moss top-dress, aged or compost manure. This will surely help keep plants from damage.

Gardeners struggling with contaminated soil have a number of options to go with: Thermal Desorption, Bioremediation, Chemical Fixation and Physical Treatment. Whatever method you pick, make sure it’s beneficial for you and your soil for all aspects. There’s no point in trying a method with low success rate. Consulting with soil experts is something that always pays off. The experts at Enviro-Disposal Group have been in this field for a very long time and understand how to recycle contaminated soil with greatest accuracy.

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