What does a Tree Surgeon do?

A tree surgeon is a professional responsible for caring for and maintaining trees. This can involve anything from removing dead branches to trimming the tree to pruning it in a certain way. It’s essential to have a tree surgeon come out and take care of your trees at least once a year, as they play an essential role in keeping your yard looking nice and keeping your property values high. They may also be involved in landscaping projects, working to create attractive and functional outdoor spaces. Tree surgeons play an important role in preserving nature and natural habitats!


The services that Tree Surgeons provide:

1) Crown thinning – this is where the tree’s crown is reduced to allow more light into the canopy. Crown thinning can be carried out to reduce wind resistance or increase airflow through the tree’s crown.

2) Pruning is where individual branches are removed from a tree. Pruning can be carried out to remove dead wood or reduce the tree’s size. Tree Surgeons can carry out pruning work to improve the health and appearance of trees and carry out corrective pruning work to correct problems with trees.

3) Removal of trees – This is where tree surgeons will carry out work to remove a tree from a site. Tree Surgeons will also carry out stump grinding work following the removal of trees. This may be required for safety reasons, such as when a tree has been damaged by disease or storm damage or because the tree is causing problems with property structures.

4) Repair of trees – Tree Surgeons can carry out repair work to trees, including structural repair, emergency repairs, and damage caused by storms.

5) Remedial work – This is where tree surgeons will carry out work to correct tree problems, such as crown thinning or pruning, to improve the health of a tree.

6) Pest control – Tree Surgeons can carry out treatments for pests such as woodworm and wood-boring insects and conduct surveys for signs of pests in trees.

7) Cabling And Bracing – This is where tree surgeons will carry out work to support weak branches of trees. These weak branches may result from wind or any other natural calamity.

8) Crown lifting – This is where tree surgeons will carry out work to lift the crown of a tree. This may be required if there are obstacles such as overhead cables or if the tree is overshadowing other trees.


Tree surgeons are responsible for the health and care of trees in both public and private spaces. They perform various tasks, such as pruning, trimming, and thinning trees, removing dead or diseased trees, and installing supports and protective barriers. If you’re interested in becoming a tree surgeon, remember that you will feel great in serving nature, and it will prove to be a rewarding career for you! Be sure to comment below, and we’ll be happy to provide you with more information.