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How to Paint the House Yourself – Professional Tips and Tricks

home painting

The term “DIY” or “do it yourself” is increasingly widespread on the internet, largely due to tutorials on decoration and design. More than decorative objects, it is now possible to get your hands dirty and do amazing things in your own home. For residents who are not interested in hiring specialized professionals for renovations, it …

Everything You Need to Know about Shutters

Ardy’s Gallery of Window Coverings

It sounds easy, but choosing curtains to compose your home decor requires a certain amount of knowledge and correct guidance. Generally, they are the last stage of the project, exactly to finish off the decoration. A wrong choice and there goes all the work and, to top it off, the harmony of the space. In …

Why Carpet Cleaning is Essential

Carpet Cleaning is Essential

There are many reasons to have carpets in your house, but no matter what they’re made of, whether it’s synthetic or natural fiber, they will get dirty over time with the buildup of bacteria and dirt. It is therefore important to clean these carpets regularly to keep them looking fresh and clean. A regular carpet …