How to Paint the House Yourself – Professional Tips and Tricks

The term “DIY” or “do it yourself” is increasingly widespread on the internet, largely due to tutorials on decoration and design. More than decorative objects, it is now possible to get your hands dirty and do amazing things in your own home. For residents who are not interested in hiring specialized professionals for renovations, it is very possible to bring style and personality into the home by spending little and developing skills that are often unexplored. Painting the house yourself is one of those cases: with proper care, it is possible to paint a harmonious and professional painting.

home painting

Tricks to paint your home like a pro

It is possible to do home painting services professionally, but you must keep in mind that there are steps that need to be followed and that tips and tricks are important when doing something that has never been done before.

  • For indoor masonry surfaces, use acrylic paints with good washability;
  • In outdoor environments, opt for inks with hydrophilic characteristics, which facilitate cleaning;
  • Allow an interval of 4 hours between the application of one coat and another;
  • Mix only the amount of water and paint that will be used that day;
  • Use a low-pile wool roller, it gives the surface a smoother finish;
  • Observe the guidelines described on the ink packaging label as they may change depending on the type of surface;
  • Apply a varnish or enamel to wooden surfaces, varnish is a product that dyes the wood leaving its veins exposed, while enamel paints the surface without letting the veins show;
  • The procedure for painting the floor varies according to the type of surface, on ceramic floors the tip is to apply an epoxy base with a roller to create a sticky base before receiving the acrylic paint, whereas on cement floors it is necessary to apply a base preparer to aggregate loose particles and make the surface homogeneous.