7 Professional Tricks To Do Professional Painting

Replacing or just renovating the color of the walls can be extremely revitalizing for the home. With some tips, you can do this transformation yourself like professional painter. Check it:


  1. Test

After choosing the tone closest to what you imagined for the wall, paint a small area and leave it for a couple of days. You will see how color reacts to different types of lighting, both artificial and natural, and the colors of your furniture.

  1. The trick of W

To achieve a homogeneous result and with good color coverage, a great trick is to paint a large “W” on the wall. Then, normally paint the area until it covers the letter. This will make you use the optimum amount of paint to the fullest extent without leaving the cover thin or too thick.

  1. Mix inks of the same color

The area is large and you will need more than one tin of paint? Then mix the gallons in another container. That’s because you paint the same color,

  1. Important item: Vaseline

When painting the doors, use liquid petroleum jelly on all hinges. This will make them greasy and protected from paint.

  1. Primer white is not always the best

If you paint the wall with a dark color, use a primer (special paint for surface preparation) in a close tone. It will help you achieve the best coverage with fewer layers of paint.

  1. No strong smell

If you are a team that hates that strong smell of paint and gets weeks with a headache, one solution is to add two drops of vanilla extract to each gallon of paint. This will bring a more pleasant aroma to the room you will paint.

  1. Final touch

Begin by passing the brush on the edge of the wall. Before drying, complete the area with the roller.