Lawns Need Special Care in the Winter – See Tips

Climate requires greater attention when watering, trimming and mowing grass; earth needs more air circulation.


The typical winter climate requires special care with the green areas, be they gardens, parks or flowerbeds. And it’s not just the flowers and plants that need extra attention, the lawn care Wesley Chapel also need some specific treatments to keep them beautiful and blue whites.

For the maintenance of green areas, a very important tip is the time to wet the lawn. In the winter, the ideal is to do it in the morning. Due to colder and cooler temperatures, if it gets wet at night, the soil can become soggy.

The grass also deserves special attention with cleaning, aeration and cover. Cleanliness is nothing more than removing lawn weeds. Aeration is to increase the circulation of air between the grass roots, removing, for example, any excess remaining after the cutting process. In very cold places and with frost, it is recommended to cover the grass with earth. But it is important to say that we should not add fertilizer to the ground, because this time the grass is in idle state.

Despite all the care, it is not uncommon to observe failed lawns – especially in the winter – either by trampling or by pests and diseases. To solve this problem simply follow a simple step by step that promises to give the proper and desired look to your lawn. Check:

  • Trim the grass very low;
  • With the blade of a straight blade, draw a rectangle or square around the problem area;
  • Remove all grass from the area. If the problem was due to a pest or disease, treat the soil with some insecticide or bactericide;
  • One week later, turn the earth over, take it in and proceed as if it were a small flowerbed;

Here, you need a lot care in every season. Hiring a lawn care service Wesley Chapel is a wise decision.