Painters Tips for a Quality Paint

Painting the walls at home is not usually a laborious task. Therefore, many people venture to color them on their own. Sometimes the final result does not come to perfection, either because the time on painting day was not ideal or because the surface was not clean enough .

So that the wall of your house appears to have been painted by a professional, follow the suggestions separated by professional interior house painters:



The dirt wall will not be camouflaged with paint, so you need to make a good cleaning it before passing the paint roller.

Use water and mild detergent to remove stains from dust and alcohol to remove children’s crayons. Mold only comes out with bleach; use sandpaper to remove ballpoint pen scratches.

Please note that any cleaning must be done at least one day in advance of the refurbishment. Before using any product, it is advisable to “sweep” the wall to remove surface dust and cobwebs.


In order for the paint to cover only the surface to be painted, protect nearby spaces such as skirting boards and hinges – in case you paint the doors. The footer you should cover with the thickest crepe tape you find in the store. So that it does not take off, pass a ruler to fix it. On the hinges, the trick is to use vaseline, which prevents the paint from sticking.

And to avoid the nasty ink prints all over the house, do not use plastic or newspaper to cover the floor, but use corrugated cardboard, which ensures the absorption and drying of the ink drops.

The right color

Just one can will not be enough for all the walls? Then pour the contents of the packs into a single container, mix the ink and then place it in the tray. If you use each can separately, you run the risk of having the stained wall at the end, as it is common to have tonal variations in the same batch.