What is the Best Way to Paint the House or Office?

What’s best for painting that big wall at home? And for small details like baseboards or corners? Paint gun, roller or sponge? Find out which is the best option.

What is the Best Way to Paint the House or Office

The house needs to be painted, but you have no idea what to use to be more effective and cheaper? The answer is like everything else in life: it depends. Assess which surfaces will be painted and make some preparations.

Before starting, you should check that the surface you are going to paint is in good condition and use it to repair defects and holes: remove all the paint that is already peeling and apply a proper putty over this repair, let it dry well and sanding.

If the wall is dirty, clean it, wash it with neutral detergent, remove all detergent residues and let it dry.

Before painting, insulate all the space very well, both the floor and doors, windows and places that you do not want to paint. Then, just choose the paint and the most suitable material to paint, and get to work.

If you don’t feel up to this challenge, hire a trusted professional office and retail painters.

Gun with built-in compressor

For painting small surfaces or for jobs that require some detail, guns with integrated compressor can be a good option.

However, some are heavy, requiring more effort for those who are painting. For a surface to be well covered, several coats of paint may be necessary. Therefore, it is not the right option for those who do not have time to waste. Furthermore, washing it is laborious.

Gun with external compressor

Lighter than the previous option, a spray gun with an external compressor lets you paint a large surface very quickly.

It is the ideal option for large surfaces, garages, walls and exterior walls.

Roller with extender

Depending on the brand, rolls with an extender can be difficult to assemble and to fill with paint.