My Garage Door Was Acting Up, So I Decided to Fix it Myself

My garage door has been sticking lately when opening and closing. At first, I thought it was just needing some lubrication on the tracks and hinges. So I sprayed some dry lubricant on everything I could reach. That helped a little, but the problem kept coming back. After a few weeks of dealing with the sticking, I decided it was time to take a closer look and really try to fix what was going on.

Removing the Door and Checking the Parts

The first step was removing the garage door from the rails and tracks. This wasn’t as difficult as I thought, just required loosening some bolts and screws. Once off, I was able to get a good look at all the moving parts: the rollers, hinges, cables, and springs. Most everything looked to be in decent shape, just needing a good cleaning. The rollers especially had built up grime that was likely causing extra friction.

I took this opportunity to inspect the condition of the tracks as well. They had some dents and needed to be cleaned out, but thankfully no major issues. Overall, the structure seemed solid, so no need for a full replacement.

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Cleaning, Lubricating, and Adjusting

Armed with degreaser, lubricants, and hand tools, I got to work giving everything a thorough scrubbing. It was amazing how much crud came off the rollers, cables, and tracks. Once clean, I lubricated generously with silicon spray, paying special attention to roller surfaces and hinges.

I also took the time to adjust the cable tension. By tightening the drums slightly, the door operated more smoothly on opening and closing. The hinges got tightened and aligned as needed. Finally, I checked that the travel limit and safety sensors were operating correctly.

Reinstalling and Testing

Rehanging the door went quicker than taking it down. Just needed to line up the tracks, rollers, and hinges before securing with bolts and screws. A test run showed smooth operation with no sticking. The door balanced nicely and opened/closed with ease. I was thrilled with the results of doing the repair myself rather than hiring a pro.

Lessons Learned

Tackling this garage door issue gave me confidence to handle more repairs on my own going forward. Regular maintenance like cleaning and lubrication is key to prevent bigger problems down the road. It also pays to take a methodical approach when troubleshooting – start with the simple fixes before considering replacements. With some patience and basic tools, many household tasks are certainly doable yourself. For more complex jobs requiring expert knowledge and techniques, I recommend hiring professionals.