Replacing Old Weather Stripping Solved Our Drafty Garage Door Problem

We’ve lived in our home for over 10 years now and one issue we’ve always had is a drafty garage door. No matter how cold it was outside, we could feel a noticeable draft coming through the door into our garage. It was really annoying and was wasting energy and money by allowing all that cold air inside. I knew we needed to address it, but putting in a new garage door is a big expense so I wanted to try some things myself first.

Assessing the Issue

My first step was to take a close look at our garage door to see if I could determine where the draft was coming from. I noticed that all along the bottom edge where the door meets the ground, the plastic weather stripping was cracked, frayed and in really bad shape. It was obvious that there were plenty of gaps for cold air to sneak through. I also ran my hand along the sides and top and felt drafts there too, so the weather stripping around the entire door perimeter needed to be replaced.

Replacement Weather Stripping Arrives

I measured the length of weather stripping I needed and ordered a high-quality replacement set online. It arrived within a few days along with installation instructions. The weather stripping itself was a thick foam material with adhesive backing, so no extra tools would be required other than a utility knife to cut it to size. Seemed like a pretty straightforward project.

Simple Installation Process

I started by cleaning all the surfaces where the old weather stripping had been with a cleaning solvent to remove any residue. Then I peeled the backing off the new stripping and pressed it firmly in place all around the bottom edge. The instructions showed rolling over it with a roller to bond it fully. I cut pieces for the sides and top and repeated the process, smoothing out any bubbles. Surprisingly, it only took about an hour to complete.

Drafts Become a Thing of the Past

The moment of truth came when I opened the garage door. To my surprise, I could no longer feel any drafts coming in! The new weather stripping was creating a tight seal all around. It was so satisfying to know we had solved the problem ourselves without spending a fortune. And our heating and cooling bills dropped noticeably after that during the winter and summer months. If your garage door feels drafty, replacing the weather stripping is definitely worth a try before considering a full garage door replacement. And if it seems like too big a job, you should hire a certified  Garage Door Repair expert in Norfolk to safely get it done.

Maintaining the Seal

It’s been a couple years since installing that weather stripping and it’s still performing great. I check it periodically, especially after really windy or rainy weather, to make sure it’s still creating a tight seal. If I ever notice it cracking or failing in one spot, I’ll just replace that small section rather than the whole thing. Proper maintenance will ensure it continues blocking drafts and saving energy for years to come. Replacing our old weather stripping was a very simple, affordable solution that solved our drafty garage door problem for good.

So in summary, if you have a drafty garage door, try replacing the weather stripping first before considering an expensive full door replacement. It may be all that’s needed to block drafts and make your garage more comfortable. Just be sure to hire a pro like ‘Garage Door Repair in Norfolk’ if the job seems too advanced.