The Step-by-Step Process of Garage Door Replacement

Whether you’re installing a new garage door for the first time or replacing an old one, taking the garage door replacement process step-by-step will help everything go smoothly. Let’s break down the typical garage door installation steps.


Before the installers arrive, it’s important to do some prep work. Clear out anything stored in front of or around the garage door so there is plenty of workspace. Make sure the garage door tracks, rollers, springs and other hardware are in good repair—this helps the installation go quicker. You’ll also want to have the measurements of your garage opening ready for the installers to ensure they bring the correctly sized door. Choosing a new door style is another pre-installation decision. For replacement options in Virginia Beach, consider a steel door for durability or a wood-grain finish door if you prefer a natural look.

Removal of Old Door

On install day, the first step is removing the existing garage door. The technicians will disconnect the old door from the torsion or extension springs, tracks and rollers. They’ll also remove any loose hardware and debris left behind. This prep work makes space for the new door components to go in.

Installation of New Tracks

New garage door tracks are then fastened to the top of the garage opening using lag screws. For a smooth operation, the tracks must be level, so installers will check for proper alignment. Hangar brackets are secured to reinforce the tracks.

Torsion or Extension Spring Installation

Based on your door type, either a torsion spring or extension spring system will be installed next. Torsion springs loop around a metal rod that is fixed above the door. Extension springs run parallel to the sides of the door. Springs counterbalance the weight of the door for easy opening and closing.

Mounting of New Door Panels

With the tracks and springs in place, the door panels can now be mounted. Panels will be supported by brackets attached to the tracks. Rollers are also installed at the bottom of each panel to fit into the tracks. Any insulation is added between the panel surfaces at this stage too.

Adjustment and Safety Features

Before closing things up, installers will test that the door moves freely in the tracks with proper tension on the springs. Limits may be set to prevent the door from opening too high for safety. A lock can also be mounted at this point.

Quality Assurance and Completion

As a final check, the installation team will make sure all hardware is securely fastened and operating properly. This includes making any small adjustments. Payment is collected upon approval of the new functioning garage door system. Installers typically provide education on maintenance and warranty information as well.

With the right preparation and following the step-by-step garage door replacement process, a new door can be expertly installed in just a few hours. Contact a local garage door company like Garage Door replacement Virginia Beach for a quick estimate on your project.