Renting Scaffolding: Tips for Not Getting Rid of Your Work

Nowadays it is easy to have access to good scaffolding. There are numerous companies that work with the leasing and sale of a variety of scaffolding. Each company has a strategy to win customers, such as low cost, high security, modern equipment or financial benefits such as transportation, loading and unloading.

The scaffold rental cannot be evaluated only in the contracting; it must be a well planned item during the budget and planning of the work. Thus, several unforeseen costs of service can be avoided.


In this article you will check out some tips and information so you do not miss your job when planning to rent your scaffolding. After all, nobody likes unforeseen events, especially when they are financial.

There are several types of scaffolding that can be used in a building site. The following information can be adopted for any type of scaffold chosen by the manufacturer.

1 – Planning of the work

The first step to succeed with the rental of scaffolding Leicester is good planning of the work.

By the planning of the work, several basic informations are defined for the correct measurement of the service. It is important to define in planning the required amount of scaffolding and the period of the lease.

In addition, the planning defines the types of scaffolding, the deadline for scaffolding to arrive at the construction site, the location for the storage of the scaffolding, and the team capable of assembling the scaffolding.


2 – Economic viability study

Another important point to not have surprises during the execution of the work is a good study of the economic viability of the Leicester scaffolding service.

In some cases it may be even more interesting for the builder to purchase the scaffolding than the lease. In other cases the use of scaffolding in very tall buildings may be unfeasible, since a large number of idle parts are needed to reach higher points of the building.