Having A Noisy Garage Door? Learn How To Lubricate It

Are you having a noisy garage door that doesn’t open properly? Then, it is a clear sign that your door needs immediate repair and garage door maintenance. There are lots of parts in an automatic garage door such as hinges, springs, and locks that are made of metal.

So, it is crucial to lubricate them from time to time. For this purpose, you need to know how to properly lubricate the door to improve its health and use it for a lifetime. It is highly recommended to hire the affordable Garage Door Repair service once a year.

Garage Door Repair Morgan Hill, San Jose

The right way to lubricate the garage door

The best way to grease the door is to start by using the right solution. You should use non-silicone lubricant, but don’t use WD-40 solution because it is a cleaning solution.

Also, don’t use grease because it will stick to the door and it will become hard for you to clean the door. If you don’t know which lubricant you should buy, rely on professional garage door service Morgan Hill.

Which parts of the door should be lubricated?

There are lots of parts that need to be lubricated to ensure smooth opening and closing process. Before lubricating your door, clean all the moving parts with a cloth and ensure there is no dirt. While lubricating the door, use another piece of cloth to clean excessive oil.


If your door has metal hinges, lubricate them, but don’t lubricate the plastic ones because lubrication can cause the plastic hinges to break down with the passage of time.


Rollers help the garage door to travel up and down perfectly, so you should lubricate them. If the rollers have nylon wheels, ensure to lubricate the rollers, but don’t lubricate the nylon material.

If the door is badly damaged, hire garage door replacement San Jose service.

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