Where Can you find Garage Door Repair in Plano?

Garage door installation in Plano can be found in many familiar places. But are all those
trustworthy and reliable? We at Warrior Garage Doors assure you safety and security along with
24×7 assistance for all your garage door repair and needs.

Warrior Garage Doors functions to serve both new clients and existing clients for installation of
their garage doors and also garage door repairs, maintenance.

For information regarding the parts and ways to install a garage door, go through the following

Where Can you find Garage Door Repair in Plano

Parts of a Garage Door

Several parts are roped together to make a perfect garage door. To better understand our products,
we have listed the parts right here, helping the user know why and where his money is being

These parts include:

• Garage Door: Besides having manual doors, we also offer automated doors controlled with
the help of a remote. This option caters to convenience and security for users. Maintenance
of the remote-controlled garage doors is quite affordable, and we are the best in the market
for this kind.
• Door Opener: The most vital part of a garage door is used to handle the door open and
closing functions. It runs on a motor that captures signals from a remote or a switch and
performs the desired operation.
• Springs: All the pulling or dropping workload handling by a single motor only increases the
power consumption. Hence springs are used to provide additional support to the motor,
reducing electricity usage.
• Cables: Cables are used as a connecting material between the rollers, spring, and motor. The
bottom side of the cables is connected to the bottom of the door, and the upper part is
connected to a drum.
• Drum: Drums are nothing but pulleys installed to rotate the door/roller sheets.
• Hinges and Brackets: Hinges, brackets are used to provide strapping to the garage door
• Safety Sensors: Sensors are installed to give safety from potential hazards caused due to
improper monitoring..

Warrior Garage Doors (for installation and garage door repairs) has its basis covered in customer
service. We have our branches located in every metropolitan city and cater services to remote areas
as well. Warrior Garage Doors repair at Plano comprises highly skilled and proficient labor to serve
the customers.