Important Safety Considerations for Commercial Kitchen Design

bv1When it comes to any sort of construction, the stability and safety of the structure should always be the number one priority. This is especially true when it comes to designing commercial kitchens, which are used by restaurants to prepare food for large quantities of people at any given time. If you are currently working on a commercial kitchen design, here are some very important safety considerations to keep in mind.

Start with Building Wrap

Building any structure takes a number of steps. First, you have to build the actual structure and then you have to protect it. To do this, you need to use a high-quality building wrap, which is that paper-looking material you see on buildings before the siding is put in place. A building wrap acts as a barrier between the outside and the insulation, protecting it from air infiltration and moisture. It also will help to make installing the siding of the structure a much easier process, once you are ready for that step in the construction process.

Use Insulated Concrete Blocks

When it comes to building the exterior walls for a commercial kitchen, you should make sure you are using the strongest material you can. Insulated concrete blocks are more cost-effective than traditional concrete blocks and more durable. These insulated concrete blocks offer energy-efficiency, fire and storm protection, and superior sound reduction—all things you would want to ensure you have in a commercial space. When you can save money and time, without sacrificing the quality and protection of your space, why go with anything else?

Finish with Fiber Cement Siding

If you want to give your commercial a more homey look without sacrificing the use of safe materials, fiber cement siding is a great option to consider. It can withstand warping due to intense weather conditions, is resistant to mold and insects, and the color will not fade like it can on traditional vinyl or wood siding, making it a much more durable option. Another great feature of fiber cement siding is that it is fire resistant, which will add another layer of protection to your commercial kitchen.

Install Acoustic Panels


Commercial kitchens can be pretty loud and can make hearing difficult sometimes. To help combat that issue, you should consider installing acoustic panels to help dampen the sound and keep it from being at an overwhelming level. There is a wide variety of acoustic panels that you can choose from, including plain colored peel-and-stick and panel sets that look like wall murals. Whatever kind of acoustic panels you decide to go with, you can be sure they will make a huge difference in your commercial kitchen.

Be Prepared with Smoke Curtains

A major concern for commercial kitchen includes smoke and fire. They are a constant presence in a kitchen and while usually well-controlled, accidents can always happen. When working on the design for a new commercial kitchen, you want to be sure that you include the best smoke and fire protection products available, which includes things like smoke curtains. Smoke curtains cover open areas to provide added high-level and flexible protection from smoke and fire to an open, unprotected space.

Planning the design of a commercial kitchen takes a little extra time and thought. You want to be sure you keep in mind all the important safety features that are not only required by law but essential for a proper commercial space. So if you are working on plans for a new commercial kitchen, be sure to keep the safety considerations mentioned above in mind, so you can have the safest and most good-looking kitchen space possible.