5 Ways to Makeover Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most valuable rooms in a house, often being the dealmaker or dealbreaker when potential buyers are viewing your home. The kitchen often serves as the hub for a household, a place for not only cooking but socializing as well. A well-designed kitchen is therefore a joy to use as well as a comfortable place to spend time.

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If your kitchen is in need of a makeover, here are 5 great ways of adding some much needed style without resorting to extreme remodeling.

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Increase Counter Space with a Curved Kitchen Island

Every well-designed kitchen has plenty of counter surface, but you can add even more space by having a curved kitchen island built. By using quality curved hardwood plywood you can achieve a very modern curved design that flows well in any kitchen. Smaller kitchens often look more roomy with a gently curved island rather than a traditional square island, so keep this in mind if you have space concerns. Don’t forget that a kitchen island doesn’t just increase counter space, but also the offside can be used for bar seating.

Install Tough but Beautiful Hardwood Floors

The kitchen gets a lot of foot traffic, and even moreso when you add in kids and pets. The use of strategically placed rugs can help, but nothing compares to install new flooring. Forget the linoleum and go with an engineered hardwood floor instead. This type of flooring has all the beauty and warm appeal of hardwood, but it made to withstand heavy use. In fact this hardwood was designed with commerical use in mind.

Forget the Paint and Consider a Coffered Ceiling

The 5th wall of every room is the ceiling and experienced home designers will be quick to tell clients that the ceiling shouldn’t be ignored. Painting the ceiling is a common solution, but consider taking this a step further. Coffered ceilings are absolutely stunning, looking much more expensive than they actually are. Coffered ceilings come in a wide variety of designs and fit kitchens very well. A white kitchen with a matching white painted coffered ceiling will look stylish and open.

Tile Backsplashes Make an Impact

Tile backsplashes are a great way of adding something unique to your kitchen, especially if the room is already fairly plain in design. If your kitchen is well-designed but it’s visually missing that final touch, a tile backsplash could be the answer. Remember that a backsplash doesn’t always have to be just behind the sink, but can extend the whole space between the countertop and cabinets along a wall. Be sure to consider the color of your cabinets and your countertop, selecting complementary colors and similar tones (warm or cool) to match.

An Amish Breakfast Table is a Worthy Investment

Dining rooms are lovely for dinner, but for breakfast or quick lunches it is useful to have a breakfast table or nook in your kitchen, if you have the space. Amish kitchen furniture is simple enough that it will match with essentially any type of interior design, but is made to last for decades. Real wood is always a great option and can look right at home in a kitchen where a slightly rustic theme is the good. That being said, a dark stained Mission table will look just as nice in even a quite modern scheme.

A fresh coat of paint only goes so far when it comes to revamping a kitchen, but thankfully there are plenty of ways of improving your interior decor without having to tear down walls. Focusing on one or all of the featured ideas will help you achieve a more inviting kitchen while also improving your home’s overall value.