Tips for Building a Perfect American Kitchen

A dream of ten out of ten families, American kitchens are, in fact, very charming and efficient. The style is quite functional and, although traditional in American homes, has given a very modern and charming feel to homes.

But to have authentic American cuisine, some care must be taken, especially in the case of renovations. To help those who are investing in such a project (or thinking about breaking down walls) we have selected tips from kitchen refurbishment professionals at Local Builders. Check it out and start planning your new one today:

Tips for Building a Perfect American Kitchen

  1. Analyze the plan

Ideally the property already has room for the counter. But if in your home walls divide the room, beware: ask an engineer to evaluate. He will check for pillars, piping and electrical wiring on the way.

  1. Get it right

An American kitchen usually has a counter or an island. The ideal counter height is 1.10 m and the island is 90 cm, but you can install it as needed. When buying stools, give preference to swivel and height-adjustable models.

  1. Use creativity

Talking about the counter, it is what stands out most in American cuisine, because it is what delimits the environments. There are several material options to choose from. From masonry to wood or MDF whatever the result is excellent. The most commonly used is masonry, which can combine with granite, quartz or wood buffer.

  1. Enjoy the Spaces

The absence of a wall in the kitchen can mean less space for cabinets. One idea is to reserve the space behind the counter or under the island to meet this need.

  1. Avoid the Bad Smell

If you have the habit of frying, the American kitchen can be a bore! The smell usually spreads throughout the house. One solution is to have good ventilation in the room, as well as a good extractor hood or hood to suck out all the smoke.

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