Kitchen Countertop Models

In addition to the materials when we are designing a countertop for custom kitchens or even a simpler kitchen, it is also important to think of its shape as there is an island countertop, American, sink, L, U, and so on. . So now let’s talk a little more about kitchen countertop designs and shapes so you can choose the best one for your environment.

Kitchen Countertop Models

L-shaped kitchen countertop

For those who have a medium or small kitchen, the L-countertop is one of the most used, especially for making a whole countertop. The L-shaped kitchen worktop is perfect for saving space and making the environment more functional.

U-shaped kitchen worktop

If you have a square kitchen, whether it is large or small, the U-shaped kitchen worktop is one of the best worktop options, as they follow the same shape as the room and can optimize the space better.

The U-shaped kitchen worktop usually also accommodates the sink, stove, cabinets and sometimes even the table, leaving the most functional environment for everyday use.

Kitchen countertop with island

The kitchen countertop with island is a dream of many people, because besides being super modern, the kitchen countertop with island offers a lot of practicality for this environment. In the case of a kitchen with island countertop it is important to check how the circulation will be around the environment, not leaving this uncomfortable environment. Therefore, in small kitchen it is not always interesting to invest in an island kitchen countertop.

For those looking for a personalized decoration for the kitchen, quartz countertops undoubtedly one of the best kitchen counter options, due to its wide variety of colors, which guarantees a touch of color and joy in the environment.

The decor of the all-white modern kitchen has gained more personality with the red color on the kitchen countertop.