4 Tips to Deal with an Unresponsive Garage Door

If your garage door isn’t responsive, don’t panic. You need to troubleshoot it yourself before calling in a professional Garage Door Spring Repair to check the whole thing. You can easily sort this mess yourself with patience and attention to detail.  Following, we are suggesting you a few tips to do so

  • Check Your Remote

Troubleshoot your remote, is the motor responding to the signal, or isn’t doing anything in general. If you doubt your remote, then change its batteries or change your remote. You need to assure that its not your remote that has become Deprogrammed. Refer to the owner’s manual.


  • Assure The Door isn’t Locked

Most garage doors come with a locking function which prevents the garage door from being opened when activated. So before you try to call Garage Door Repair Services Downey, check wall opener for small lock button and make sure it wasn’t turned on.

  • See Power Source

If this appears to be a general problem instead of just something wrong with the remote, you need to see whether the garage door motor is plugged in properly or not. Make sure the motor’s power outlet and wall socket is properly connected.

If power connection seams seamless, check the circuit breaker or fuse. If you still don’t get what’s wrong, you better call a professional Garage Door Opener Installation Service.

  • Check Sensors

Make sure there is nothing blocking the garage door sensors as it prevents the garage door from opening or closing. If there is nothing in the way, assure the sensors are properly aligned.

These sensors fail to communicate if not aligned well or something is between them. So before you call Garage Door Repair services, check your garage door sensor and make sure its in good condition. It will save you a lot of trouble.