Fear of Using Pressure Cooker: Tips to Avoid Scratches and Make Perfect Beans

Many people do not use the pressure cooker for fear or because they believe it can cause accidents in the kitchen. However, it can be a great ally in the preparation of simple and sophisticated dishes. With the help of the pressure cooker it is possible to make protracted recipes faster.

We will discuss here how to use pressure cooker safely and an incredible trick to make the beans tasty and full-bodied.


How to buy pressure cooker

According to the expert, when it comes to buying pressure cookers it is very important to check if the product has seal. This identifies that it was made according to safety standards.

How to wash

When washing the pressure cooker, it is essential to remove the rubber that seals the pan and to wash it very well to avoid the accumulation of waste. In addition to a hygiene issue, washing the rubber is important to ensure safety.

Cleaning the pin: How it is made

Another important point is the cleaning of the pine. It can be done with the help of a toothpick. The specialist explains that all holes need to be cleaned so that no residue remains.

How much water to use

According to the nutritionist, if the food to be cooked has large amount of water in its composition, the tip is to put just a little water in the pan. Remember that the liquid cannot exceed two thirds of the pressure cooker to ensure that the air has a space to move freely.

Secret for beans to be full

How to leave the beans thicker? The expert’s tip to straighten the beans is to put in a frying pan: a tablespoon of oil, a chopped onion and a clove of chopped garlic. When it is lightly golden, add a bean ladle already cooked and kneaded. Return this braised mixture to the pressure cooker and leave to heat for a few minutes.