Top 5: Cooking Utensils – The Useless Super Helpful!

There are a few kitchen utensils that when I look at the stores I think “oh this is bullshit to buy it”. So I separated 5 kitchen items that at the first time look “incriminated”. But, they help a lot in day to day life!

Cooking Utensils

1) Spade-shaped drainer: This utensil I knew when I was doing cooking classes and my teacher always wore. I loved the convenience and when I saw to buy I did not hesitate! It helps a lot to drip pasta or when we want to get some vegetables that are in the hot water. Everyone wants to cook, but keeping their whole hand burned by hot water is not with nothing.

2) Lemon Juicer: I use it every time I need to squeeze lemon. It is very easy and we do not have to be too forceful to remove the juice. Surely I would have given up my daily green juice if I did not have that beauty.

3) Funnel This item is not so useless so, but it came on my list because several people still insist on running out. For me it is indispensable, I like it so much that I have 3 different sizes. The beauty of this model is that because it is made of rubber, we can put it in more delicate bottles and the hygiene of them is also super easy.

4) Spoon rest: Another item that besides very much I think super hygienic is this spoon rest. They are great because they avoid dirt in the sink and keep the organization of the spoons leaving them all together in the same place.

5) Timer: This one won as a gift. I always “rehearsed” to buy one, but I gave up. After I used it the first time I got hooked! Timers are great for when we want to watch TV while we wait for the food in the oven. I find it very practical.

Which kitchen utensils do you find indispensable? Do you have any different utensils?

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