Beginner’s Tips for Landscaping & Gardening

Want to start Landscaping & Gardening? It’s a relaxing habit and great for your health. Let’s be honest, it can be a bit daunting at the start, but you need some time to get the hang of it. To help you do so, we are providing some easy to follow tips that will help you maintain your garden.

Rain Gauge

You need to bring out your rain gauge. Now add a few drops of food coloring to the bottom. Next time when it rains, the rain water will add up to the dye and the water will be bright red. It will be a lot easier to read than before. So be smart, it can save a lot of effort.

Beginner’s Tips for Landscaping & Gardening

Aggressive Plants

For seamless Landscaping & Gardening, you need to prevent the plants like gooseneck loosestrife from taking over the whole space. You can simple plant it in a plastic container and cut out the bottom out so roots can grow further downwards.

Protect the Bulbs

Are tired of dead bulbs? Its time you take action against the munching creatures as you installed netting over the bed of flowers. When its spring, you can just remove the net or cut holes  and provide plants the space they need to grow.

Root Bound Plants

The problem with potting plants is they get root bound. As the thing grows in the bot, the roots don’t find enough space to grow. And they form tight circles of roots within the pot. This prevents the water and nutrients to travel to the rest of plant. As a cure, you can use your finger (wear gloves) to guide roots in an outward direction. If they are tight, make light vertical cuts in the root ball and then guide them out. Landscaping & Gardening is all about keeping the plants alive.