Best Tips on How to Keep Rugs from Sliding

rugs from slipping.

You purchased the quality rug but its keeps sliding on the floor? Well in this article We shared some tips to stop sliding your rug on the floor.  There are two ways you can keep your rugs from sliding – using preventive measures and material use. Falling due to sliding on rugs can be dangerous. So, what will you do to not fall prey to such mishappenings? Do away with the rugs and walkover on a hardwood floor? Or seek ideas to keep rugs, yet shield them from probable sliding? Well, the latter seems like a good idea, isn’t it?

It could be recommended that you take measures, apply one or more methods and/or material listed to prevent rugs from sliding or sitting loose.

Tips on How to Keep Rugs from Sliding

1.   Rug Pad

Rug pads are the most preferable choice to keep rugs from sliding. What makes rug pads more popular is that they can be trimmed to customize as per one’s needs. Based on the material used, rug pads come into two varieties – Rubber waffle and Natural rubber. The downside of Rubber waffle rug pads is that they are made of plastics and may bond with the floor to leave sticky waffles when removed. Natural rubber rug pads, on the other hand, are made of natural rubber and hence are expensive. They are most preferred in preventing rugs from sliding and come with minimal or no harm to the floor.

2.   Shelf Liner

Besides holding dishware and glasses, rubberized shelf liners are also used to prevent rugs from sliding. However, they are only 12-inch wide and must be glued to occupy a larger area. Like waffle rug pads, they have the property of bonding with the floor and may damage it permanently.

3.   Felt Pads

The characteristic of rug pad being cushiony make it less effective in preventing carpet sliding unless the carpet is large enough. They are available in variable thickness and can be customized to fit one’s needs. Note that they are not great options for preventing sliding, but if you are not ready to compromise with cushion, you may go with felt pads.

Besides, they may also be combined for a natural rubber backing. And may make an ideal choice that offers both cushions and prevent sliding

4.   Carpet Tape

You can either use a double-sided carpet tape alone or pair it with a rug pad to prevent sliding. Remember, using double-sided carpet tape on a carpet with adhesives, if any, may harm the carpet fibres.

5.   Hot Glue

If the rug fibres can withstand the temperature of hot glue, it can be a decent option to employ in preventing carpet sliding. Otherwise, the glue may melt the fibres and hence, it is advised that you test for your rug fibre suitability with the temperature of hot glue.

6.   Rug Pins

Rug pins can come in use to prevent sliding when you decide to lay a rug over floor carpeting. Edges of the rug are pinned to the carpet without having to disturb the flooring.

7.   Silicon caulking

A little more preferable option than hot glue, the silicon made silicon caulking come in tubes and can be employed using a caulking gun. A notable feature of the silicon caulking is that it is highly durable and forms a decent grip to keep rugs from slipping.