How Do You Put On Christmas Tree Lights?

When you are trying to hang the Christmas tree lights on a fresh tree, one thing that you can do is to use three 100-light sets of every foot on the tree’s height. The lighting needs to be hanged carefully with patience, and you should follow some of these simple steps to achieve this task:

Avoid wrapping the light around the Christmas trees like the traditional maypole style, and you can rather divide the Christmas tree into three sections in a triangular size right from upwards to the bottom portion such that the tree takes the shape of a cone.

How Do You Put On Christmas Tree Lights

You can then connect the lights to the plug and connect the string with the last bulb present on the string present at the very top of the tree and place it next to the trunk. You can then weave the lights in a circular fashion across the triangle shape that you have used back and forth across the triangle, and you can reach to the other end corner of the string, and keep weaving the lights in a back and forth manner unless you reach to the bottom of the tree. You can also prefer connecting light from one end to another and repeat the same procedure for the rest of the triangular sections.

Once you are done with the setup, just take a look at the Christmas tree and take a look at it with your eyes crossed. You can check if the tree seems to be blurry in too much light and take off the extra lights if required. If you find that there are dark holds present it, you can then rearrange the lights in a manner that you can necessarily fill the lights in them. If you wish to remove the lights, you can start removing them in a reverse manner and arrange the lights accordingly.

In case you are not bringing a real tree and have opted for an artificial Christmas tree, you can use sections which open like an umbrella. If you have chosen miniature tree lights, you can wrap the lights around the branches and leave them on the tree for a permanent basis so that each section of the tree gets illuminated separately. It is advised that you use a 50-light strand as they would make the task easier for you and wrap them across the tree branches. This would also avoid the light strands from burning out or having electrical problems.

If you want to achieve the subdued light form, you can choose to hang the lights in a certain style:

  • Make use of twelve boxes that contain fifty strands of light which can be arranged on a six-foot Christmas tree and in case you are using 8-foot tree prefer getting 20 boxes of lighting which can be wrapped all over the tree.
  • Now, start from the lowest end of the tree if you want to reach close to the trunk. This would allow some slack or leader cord to be present on the first strand of lights which would divide the cord into sections which are close to the first bulb so that it can be formed in a loop. You can then place the loop on any of the green branches close to the tree trunk, and then keep wrapping the cord around the tree so as to make it secure.
  • Once, you are done, you can place the string Christmas lights to the extreme end of the branch and then work toward the trunk which would make it easy to wrap the same around the cord and also around the branch.
  • Now you can then divide the cord wires once again as you tend to approach the trunk and slip it over the branch so that it can be placed securely. You can then carry the cord over the next branch, wrap it around the greens present on the tree trunk, and pull the same to the extreme end of the branch. You can then place the cord around the branch once again.

You can continue wrapping the branch until you get to the end part of the string. Once, it is achieved, you can plug the next set, and keep reaching to the point until the tree can be separated easily. You can work with the lights in an efficient manner rather than crossing the section. When it comes to wrapping the top section of the tree, you should avoid wrapping the lights around the branches so that the lighting looks even all over the tree.

These days can find a wide variety of lighting styles that can be used to make your Christmas tree look more appealing and beautiful. You can choose the lights according to the decoration that you are going to do for the coming Christmas and make the most of your celebration. Christmas brings joy every year and to make sure that you make the most the celebrations, make sure that you decorate the tree with all your love. Get the best collection of Christmas tree lights online at