4 Simple Decor & Design Tricks

There is no rule book for Decor & Design.  You don’t need to follow a strict set of instructions. Just go with your heart, but take your brain with you. You like decorating your place, we appreciate it. However it will be better if you refine your approach with the following tricks:

Leave the Color for Last

When it comes to Decor & Design, you need to leave your paint color as the last thing to pick. You need to pick a color, we get it, but there are many options out there with different tints and shades, and each one will look different. The light source, your area, location, natural lighting and all sorts of things affects it. So if you want the best color for your home, you better choose one when you have your stuff in place.

4 Simple Decor & Design Tricks

Breathing Room

Don’t overstuff, you need to give your furniture some breathing room. Generous living means you have enough space to move around. Even if you are a tight budget and didn’t bought a big place, you still need some room between your stuff. You don’t have to fill up every available space. Give yourself and your home some breathing room.

Art and Height

This is one of the Decor & Design tricks we don’t care about. You need to hang artwork in midline, about 60 inches from the floor. if the ceiling is sore, you can hang the artwork higher but it should relate to the human scale, don’t hang according to the structure scale.

Avoid Being Theme-y

Everyone loves to be theme-y as it helps us to stand apart. Well, not in every case. In fact, sometimes its better to avoid a theme and let things go as they are. Take a minimal approach and be simple. It’s the best decorating advice.