Carpet Cleaning And Conservation Tips – How To Increase The Life Of Your Carpet

Among the many advantages it offers, practicality when cleaning and maintenance stands out. And like any other product, its useful life can increase or decrease according to the care you receive. But rest assured! You don’t have to go through huge jobs to ensure the beauty of your carpet for years and years. Just take some precautions and, in specific cases, choose the right tools to clean your material.

residual carpet cleaning

1 – Frequent aspirations

Of course, you don’t have to take the vacuum cleaner out of the closet every day, after all, one of the advantages of carpet tile is practicality. But experts recommend carrying out at least two aspirations a week, according to the flow of movement in the location. It is worth remembering that it is important to keep the vacuum cleaner clean, change the garbage bags and pay attention to the condition of the filter.

2 – Dirt prevention

Do you know that story that prevention is better than cure? Yes, everyone has heard it from their mother, grandfather or some older person. And when it comes to residual carpet cleaning, it’s worth taking that phrase seriously. Better than sweating to remove stains and dirt from your carpet is to avoid them. Therefore, the tip is to place, whenever possible, a doormat or rug in all the entrances of the environment, so, before entering, people can clean their feet, avoiding taking dirt from other places to their carpet.

3 – In case of stains, never rub

This recommendation is extremely important! In case of stains or liquids, do not rub the carpet. This will only spread the dirt and make it extremely difficult to clean the material. The ideal is to dry the affected surface as quickly as possible, absorbing the liquid with a dry and clean cloth. If necessary, always use specific carpet products. There are many quality options on the market.