Renovate Your Home Office With Handy

Want a burst of Handy modernity for your home office in 2018? You can make a whirlwind of a difference by simply making the following changes, which are all on trend with this year’s décor style. Let your personal Handy handyperson help you install any new light fixtures, hang photos to the wall and organize your furniture just the way you desire it to be.

Renovate Your Home Office With HandyFollow these top eight steps to reach the sweet spot where productivity can come to life in the comfort of your own home:

  • Purge your stuff! Holding on to old books, papers and office supplies that are neither functioning or useful? It’s time to let it go. Donate, recycle or sell your items to free up some room.
  • Use a storing shelf or cabinet for files and decorative items.
  • Colour code. From the vases and bowls on your storing shelf, to the planted vase on your desk, the colours should all meet the same palette. A disarray of colours can be confusing and unappealing to the eye.
  • Decorate your space with artwork. Mismatched picture frames, which your Handy professional can hang up for you, are all the rave right now. Choose neutral toned photos displaying sceneries such as a quiet European cobblestone road or a sketch of your favourite old Hollywood star.
  • Play with height and width. Stacking up books on your shelf looks best when they are of different sizes and tones. Structured storing bins of similar materials that fit nicely on your storage shelf can also do wonders. Make sure you hide your junk by storing lidded boxes on the cabinet’s lower shelves.
  • Add a rug! Your space will instantly feel warm and cozy, causing you to gravitate towards it and want to get work done.
  • Make a home for everything. Use labels on your paperwork dividers so that you know where everything belongs. Place the items that you know you’re going to receive the most use out of in the middle rows.
  • Keep your desk area clutter free. A desk lamp, a vase with fresh flowers, your laptop and a pencil holder will do the trick nicely.