Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Home’s Locks and Keys

Has it been many years since you last changed the locks in your home? There are several signs that indicate it’s finally time for an upgrade. Let’s take a look at the top warning signs and when to call in the experts.

Locks and Keys

Worn Out Keys

If your keys are showing significant signs of wear and tear, such as grooves forming in the metal or pieces starting to break off, it’s a strong indication the locks themselves are reaching the end of their lifespan. Worn keys may not turn smoothly in the locks anymore.

Break-ins in Your Neighborhood

If there have been multiple break-ins in your immediate neighborhood recently, it’s possible a serial lock-picker has obtained a key that fits locks from that era. As technology and techniques evolve, certain older lock designs become vulnerable.

Feeling Unsafe

Trust your gut. If for any reason you feel your home’s doors and windows no longer provide a satisfactory level of security, it may be time to upgrade the lock system with help from a professional locksmith. Peace of mind is incredibly important.

Lock Problems

Your lock starts sticking or binding during use, won’t stay locked, or jamming is occurring – these are all warning signs of impairment. Pin tumblers inside could be wearing out from age and cycles of use. Worn components spell future risk of lock failure and potential intrusion.

Original Locks Installed

If the locks haven’t been changed since you or the previous owners moved in, they are likely reaching the end of their service life span. Quality residential locks and keys typically last 15-20 years with regular use before needing replacement. Grab your purchase records or deed to check lock installation date.

Renting Your Home

If you rent your home out to tenants, changing locks between tenants helps ensure security of your investment and peace of mind. Rekeying locks ensures a new set of unique keys only available to the current renters to help prevent lock picking or unauthorized key cloning.

When it comes to replacing locks, you should call the experts like 24/7 locksmith & Battersea Locksmith. The licensed technicians can assess your home’s security vulnerabilities and recommend high-quality lock options tailored to your property and budget. So, don’t delay protection for your family and valuables if any concerning signs appear.