Tips for Keeping Bugs Away from Your Swimming Pool

Getting rid of bugs is one of the most difficult things. You need to put your best foot forward to bug-proof your swimming pool. The following tips and ideas will definitely help you keep bugs at bay. Let’s check out these tips below:

Bugs Away from Your Swimming Pool

Consider installing a pool screen enclosure

Pool screen enclosures go a long way toward keeping bugs away. Enclosure screens not only help avoid bugs, they also help you create a sense of privacy. If you want to do something different you’re your pool screen enclosure, be sure to consult with an experienced pool screen expert like Mark Bourget to get the best advice. He has been in this business for quite a long time and understands what matters most to swimming pools.

Proper chemical treatment

If you can’t afford to install a pool screen enclosure, you should look for chemicals that are designed especially for bug-proofing swimming pools. It has been observed that people who use regular chemical have less bugs problems in comparison to those who don’t. These chemical treatments also help keep algae from building up. You’re supposed to use eco-friendly chemical products and stay away from hazardous chemicals, as they can cause serious health conditions.

Use a pool cover

Pool cover is a good alternative to pool enclosure. Pool covers not only help keep insects out of your pool, they also help avoid water evaporation. Make sure you buy the best quality cover.  

Be sure to skim your pool

You should spend at least five minutes a day skimming your pool. When you regularly skim your swimming pool, your pool remains tidy all the time.

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