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3 Ways to Change Up Your Home Walls


When it comes to giving your home interior a facelift, there are few things that make as much of an impact as changing up your walls. The walls serve as a backdrop for the furniture, art, fittings, and other decor you choose to place in each room. You can even make a wall a statement …

5 Ways to Makeover Your Kitchen

new england oak and ivory 1

The kitchen is one of the most valuable rooms in a house, often being the dealmaker or dealbreaker when potential buyers are viewing your home. The kitchen often serves as the hub for a household, a place for not only cooking but socializing as well. A well-designed kitchen is therefore a joy to use as …

Landscaping Ideas For Your Pool Surrounds

Landscaping Ideas For Your Pool Surrounds

When most people are designing a pool, they don’t think about the landscaping. Their focus is more on the type of pool, the choice of tile, whether it’s in-ground or above-ground, its size and shape, and how much it will cost. They forget that the accessories surrounding the pool play a large role in swimmers’ …