7 Components Every Fort Smith Roof Must Have



Roof decking are the first layer of your roof system. Decking lay on top of the framing and they  ties all the roof components together.

Roof decking after roof demolition.
                                                         Roof Decking


Underlayment provide your roof another layer of protection. Depending on your chosen underlayment material, underlayment can be waterproof or water resistant. Underlayment also protect your roof decking in case of disaster.

Drip Edge

Drip edge is a metal flashing which has been installed along your roof perimeter (along eaves and rakes). Drip edge helps to protect the roof from water flow and prevent mold and dry rot. Without a drip edge, water may not properly drain and could flow down the wall surface, or worse, into the home


Flashing is a thin sheet that usually made of metal. Flashing should be installed in every place where the roof surface been interfere with vertical component. Common places flashing are installed are around chimney and where roof meet head wall. Without flashing water will find there way to your roof and will damage your decking.


Ventilation is a must have for every roof and especially in humid area such as fort smith and NWA Arkansas homes, the higher the humidity , the higher possibility of mold and mildew appearance in the attic.

Ventilation help the warm air to go out and provide air circulation. Installation of a proper roof ventilation can also lower your summer electric bill.

Ventilation installed on asphalt roof ridges.
                                         Ventilation installed on roof ridges

Valley protection

Valley’s are the most vulnerable area of any roof system. They are the indented spots where two roof planes meet. Therefore, valleys should get another layer of protection installed on them. This layer installed on top of underlayment layer. Some roofers use Ice and water and some using metal valleys. Before you sign a contract , you should make sure your roofer will install valley’s protection layer.

Roof material

Your roof material layer is the first and main protection layer. The most common roof material is shingles. Your roof lifespan will depend on the material used and the quality of the labor. ‍

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