DIY: Tips for Customizing the Flat Pack Kitchen

Today, the tips in this post about DIY kitchens and flat pack kitchens goes to those who seek practical and quick inspirations to optimize and give another air to the kitchen spaces spending little and without the help of anyone.

DIY ips for Customizing the Flat Pack Kitchen

  1. Make a blackboard

How about getting away from the traditional and bringing the blackboard into the kitchen? In it, you can write down recipes, reminders, messages and even declarations of love. There are several ways to make the blackboard, and you choose the one you find most convenient. What we are going to talk about here is the easiest of all, made with self-adhesive paper or, as it is better known, contact paper.

You will need: black matte or gray contact paper as desired, chalk, a clean, dry cloth, and stylus.

Get contact paper rolls, in matte gray or matte black finish.

With the materials in hand, just clean the location of the wall that will be transformed very well and apply the contact paper.

  1. Use pallets and crates

You may have noticed that the fashion of the crates and pallets is here to stay.

The furniture works with stackable boxes and crates that can be used with casters. In addition, the brand also has wooden pallets, ready to be used.

With the crates and pallets in hand, choose the models of the shelves you want to make and just customize!

  1. Invest in tile adhesive

Now it is possible to give another face to that tile that you cannot take anymore, without having to break anything like adhesive tile. There are thousands of different prints, one more beautiful than the other and the application is fast, just follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

They are perfect for revitalizing the kitchen in a few hours, without works, without endless spending, without the need of a specialized professional to do so.