4 DIY ideas to Enlighten Your Living Space

Creating a comfortable vibe in your home is very important. But let’s face it, not all of us have the money to buy fancy décor pieces. Therefore, we are suggesting some DIY ideas below to light up your living space.

The Cheap Frame Gallery

A DIY classic, it’s common and affordable. You are using the wall space in best way possible. Gallery walls are popular. Just get a few picture frames in different sizes. Paint them so they look like each other. You can try different shapes to arrange art or personal phones on central wall spaces.

4 DIY ideas to Enlighten Your Living Space


Another real simple trick to turn your wall space into marvelous art, you need to use Mirrors. These are simple and stunning decoration tools. Putt up a small table against a mirror and place a plant that has big branches. Doing this will help you to create the illusion of a larger space.

Candle or Wine Bottle

There is no better way to enlighten your space with some DIY lights. If you go for candle lights, know that these will add a personal and cozy touch to your home. Just place the candle in an old mason jar. Put it up against small mirrors and enjoy the amplified glow.

If you want to go for wine bottle lights, you need to gather a few empty bottles and cut them in half. Scrub the edges of bottom half and make it as smooth as you can. Put a candle inside, lit it up and create some magic.

A Décor Tray

This may be the craziest DIY décor idea. You just need a vintage tray that will act as the accent piece for your furniture. you can use it to hold other décor pieces or make it the center of attention, it’s up to you.