Exterior and Interior Window Cleaning Services

Window cleaning can be done at home easily, but sometimes, depending on the height and type of windows we have, there is a need to hire window cleaning services. Only in this way can we guarantee, at a first moment, the safety of those who perform the work and also the quality of the service performed.

Have the windows cleaned and well cared for only benefits of the residents. Let us not forget that cleaning windows is one of the most valued aspects of a home or apartment: cleaning windows allows more natural light to enter and the direct consequence is the increased sense of well-being sought by tenants and owners.

window cleaning services

If you intend to clean your home windows without a specialist, you should be aware of some tips:

  • Glazing is generally very tough, but care must be taken not to scratch the surface. Do not use soap, prefer milder products.
  • Do not use alcohol, disinfectants, waxes, or removers. Such products may reduce the transparency of glass panes and make them foggy.
  • You can opt for specific products like wipers, but there is a more homely alternative: Four drops of liquid detergent per liter of water.
  • Never use newspaper, as paint can dissolve and stain window glass. Prefer paper towels, which leave no residue during cleaning.
  • For large panes, experts suggest 100% cotton cloth, squeegee and wool mop. Although more industrial, such products can be easily found in supermarkets.

Professional window cleaning techniques

When deciding to hire a window cleaning company, the technique to use will depend on the amount of windows and the height of the windows. Companies are required to follow various rules and ensure the safety of their workers, as they may face various risks and must be prevented. If a ladder is required, the risk of falls and accidents should be considered.