Key Tips on How to Preserve Soil

Knowing how to preserve the soil is a fundamental mission if we are to improve our quality of life. In addition, it promotes conditions so that the next generations can also enjoy a healthy and dignified planet to be called home.

Now, let’s get to know a bit more about how to preserve the soil and what must be done to avoid future damage. With simple attitudes, which are being adopted by an increasing number of people and companies, these tips can guarantee a qualitative use of the land.


1 – Avoid soil erosion

The process of soil erosion control and its impacts are detrimental to agricultural production, water management and soil health.

The main strategies used to avoid or minimize the effects of erosion are:

  • Planting of shrubs;
  • Cultivation of crops or grass;
  • Use of coconut fiber blankets;
  • Construction of retaining walls;
  • Organization of water drainage systems to avoid soil compaction.

Other efficient techniques of how to preserve the soil against this problem are:

  • Decrease the use of plow;
  • Plant trees with large extensions of roots;
  • Establish pasture rotation system;
  • Build “terraces” on the slopes;
  • Create barriers to cut off the effect of the winds on uncovered fields.

2 – Plan the flow of water

When, it is well planned, the process of draining water can occur more efficiently, benefiting humans and nature.

As soon as the rainfall reaches the soil, part of it is naturally absorbed and what is left flows through the surface, which can cause flooding and the “sickness” of plants and soil.

Many cities have already learned that it is possible to temporarily or permanently retain part of the rainwater. These are called “swimming pools” and initiatives like “small underground dams” made under parks or buildings.