How Much Does It Cost To Clear 1 Acre Of Wooded Land?

It costs a lot of money to clear a parcel of land in Orlando Florida, but it will take longer to sell the property than to clear just one acre. The price will be higher because it takes more time for the grass to grow and the water to drain. If you have several thousand dollars to invest, or you own multiple lots of land and need to quickly clear them for development, here are some considerations.

How Much Does It Cost To Clear 1 Acre Of Wooded Land


How much does it cost to clear an acre of wooded property? It costs about $15 a foot for square foot, generally depending on the type of ground and the amount of shrubbery. So, if you have a thousand square feet of timberland, you would need to excavate about three acres, including any backfill required. This calculation will include any required utilities, such as telephone lines, electric cable and phone service.

Another factor that determines the average cost of clearing is the number of trees in the area. Generally, shrubs and trees spread over an area do not need to be removed. But, if there are more trees than can be chopped down, the costs for cutting them back tend to be high. Therefore, if your property is not located in an area where you can easily clear an acre or two for building site preparation, you may need to spend a couple of hundred or thousand dollars for underground utilities, or sewer and stormwater lines.

How much does it cost to clear an additional acre of timberland? Again, this depends on how much of the area is already cleared. If more than eighty percent of the area has already been cleared, the cost for clearing will be higher. However, land surveys usually only mark the minimal extent of clearing, as far as the minimum utility service goes. The costs for clearing can go much higher than the minimum when you add in required utilities like electricity, telephone and water lines. Land surveyors usually have to estimate and then standardize the costs of underground infrastructure, such as pipes and sewer lines.

Finally, you can calculate how much land clearing will cost by looking at the average clearing costs in your area, multiplied by the square footage to be cleared. For instance, if your parcel of land is twelve acres and you are planning to build a house on it, the average cost of clearing would be around six thousand nine hundred dollars. If your area has six thousand nine hundred acres of timberland, your costs might be higher.

If you are still puzzled over the prices and the averaging procedure, a professional archeologist or an architect may be of assistance to you. They can use the averages and other variables to give you a more accurate idea of how much it will cost to clear your site plan. An excavation contractor can also help you in figuring out how much you should excavate. They usually have a computer program that helps them to estimate the cost of a particular excavation project based on site plans and current information. So, if you want to know how much it will cost to clear a specific area, hire an excavation contractor and they will do the job for you.