Life Saving Repairing and Replacing Hacks

Life can be tough, especially when you find something broke down in your home, then its frustrating. Things break down in real life, you have to get over this fact. in case you needed something and it broke down, carry on with the following. we are offering time saving Repairing and Replacing tricks that will get you back on the track,

Unclog Drain

This is perhaps the most important Repairing and Replacing hack you will ever come across with. When you see a drain has clogged, you need to drop three tablets of Alka Seltzser with some white vinegar. If you are expecting a scientific explanation, we don’t have it but its proven to work time after time. The idea is this recipe dissolves the grease and gunk. let it rest there for 15 minutes , afterwards, you can pour boiling water down there.

Life Saving Repairing and Replacing Hacks

You can use the same thing to clean toilet bowls. In case you want to create a smoke screen, you just need to add backing soda.

Scuffed Floor

The scruff marks on tile and linoleum are not a pleasant sight. Luckily, you don’t have to put with them anymore, with this easy Repairing and Replacing hack, you can remove the scuffmark. Just attach a tennis ball or a sneaker at the end of a broom stick and rub it on the scuffmark. it helps to buff floors.

Glue Joints and Stickers

This is a live saving bit. You can turn a can of air duster spray upside down and spray it on the target. This will freeze the glue which makes it easy to always to undo the joint and pull a sticker off in case you need one done. This homemade Repairing and Replacing hack an really save your skin if you screwed up with glue or sticker.