A Guide to Choose Between Wooden and Steel Garage Doors

When you install a new garage door, you have to choose between wood and steel. It’s easy to tell the difference between these, choosing one is another story. Following, we are going to give you a through guide that will help you make a well informed decision when choosing between these.


Wooden Garage Doors are popular because of their aesthetic appeal. They support a classic look which improves the overall appeal of your home. Following are a few reasons why you should choose a wooden door over steel:

  • Upscale Classic Look
  • Improves Your Home Value
  • Resistant to Impact


If these are maintained properly with regular Garage Door Repair Services Gardena  inspections, they can last a lifestyle. They are fairly resistant to impact, abut are vulnerable to fire.

Steel Door

These lack the classic and natural appeal you get with wooden doors, but they offer far better security. On top of that, these doors can be painted in almost any color to match your home’s décor. These are light, yet durable as compared to wooden doors.

Following are a few reasons why you should choose these over wooden doors:

  • Can be painted in any color
  • Durable
  • Better Insulation
  • Needs less Maintenance

Steel doors offer better insulation options. They also offer modern features yet they require fewer garage door repair maintenance as compared to wooden.

Choosing In-between

If you can’t make your mind over which type of door you should opt for, then you better consult with a professional service. Garage Door Spring Repair services can give you a real insight for both of these types and help you make a better decision.

Both of these types have their own set of pros and cons. but if you want something reliable that wont cost you a fortune to maintain, then you should choose steel over wood.