Tips For Remodeling Your Kitchen

If you are going to remodel your kitchen do not miss the tips we have for you.

Project – Whether you hire a kitchen remodel professional or do it yourself, it is important to know your kitchen well, so when designing a plant with all measurements of space, remember to note all points of electricity, gas and plumbing.


Working Triangle – The first rule to keep in mind is to keep the stove, the sink and the fridge as close as possible, with the formation of a triangle, for those who work frequently in the kitchen.

Work Area – Remember that a good sized countertop is essential for those who cook regularly, especially if it is adjacent to the stove and / or sink. Lighting – We suggest that the work areas are well lit.

Cabinets – They are one of the elements, for those who are investing from scratch. When choosing cabinet types, take inventory of what you have or will need to store, storage is never too much, but we must be practical.

Finishes and coatings – Opt for easy maintenance finishes, especially in wet areas. There are several types of coatings other than the old monochrome tiles, eventually introducing more sophistication and comfort into the kitchen.

Colors – Currently all colors are allowed in the kitchen, risk in a balanced way. If you have a reduced space, it is best to keep up with the lighter colors that give the space more breadth without using many patterns.

Decorating – For some time now the kitchen has gone from being just a space for services and confectionery to meals, it has now become the place where almost every guest meets every time there are parties or dinners at home. Invest in comfortable chairs or benches, personalized decorative elements and also in a good suspended lamp if you eat in the kitchen.