Tips: How To Choose The Ideal Fence For Your Home!

Security is a must for the home, and with the accelerated development of cities we have to surround and protect our home to ensure privacy.

The main function of a fence is to mark the boundaries of your property. However, it can also serve several other purposes such as: protection for children and animals, separation of spaces between houses, delimiting the space of a garden, or as decoration. Residential fences have many different shapes and materials. Choosing the fence will depend on the purposes for which you need it.

In this article, we will show you some types of residential fencing Perth, to assist you in choosing the ideal fence for your home. Check it!


Wooden fence

Among the various models of fence for the residence, the wooden fence is undoubtedly one of the materials most used when it comes to protection and space delimitation. There are many options when it comes to the type of wood, such as reusable woods, which may be a more economical and environmentally friendly option.

Iron or metal fencing

Decorative fences made of wrought iron or metal are beautiful and sturdy, as well as giving an air of elegance to your home or garden, separating the area of the house, subtle and very delicate.


Live fence is line of shrubs that can embellish the facade of the house, or delimit a garden or patio, providing privacy and a little decoration for an open space. Several people select plant as live fences rather than installing wire fences or wood because living fences harmonize and bring more naturalness around the residence. In such residences, the hedge brings charm and style around the house.

Stone fence

The stone fence is the perfect example of the sustainable use of natural resources. In addition to assisting in the delimitation of space, they give a more rustic and creative air around your home.