Wood Flooring: Do You Know How To Take Care?

Learn with us several ways to protect and maintain your wood flooring with the beauty it has from the moment it was laid!

A hardwood floor has unmatched beauty and we all know this, but there are a lot of care for you to have with the wood floor.

Wood Flooring

Care to not scratch the wood floor

We know that it is very complicated to maintain the natural appearance of the wooden floor, since they are very susceptible to scratches and other aggressions. However, there are some ways to avoid ruining your floor. Here are some of them:

  • Avoid walking on the pavement with shoes you wear outdoors, small stones may come clinging to the sole of the shoe, and this ends up damaging the floor.
  • Clean your floor regularly using your own brushes to prevent damage during cleaning.
  • Do hardwood floor refinishing at least once a year, your floor will retain its beauty, and in addition, you will be much more protected.
  • Use rugs in the most frequently used areas to avoid greater wear than in other areas.
  • Use protective felts on the feet of the furniture in order not to damage the floor when dragging them. If you use wheelchairs, use rugs underneath.
  • Always try to lift the furniture instead of dragging it when cleaning it or just rearranging it in the room.

How to clean wood flooring

Knowing how to clean this type of flooring is more than half way to maintain its beauty and protection. Of course there are many products in the supermarket that are great choices for the maintenance and cleaning of wooden floors, but it is important to know what and how they should be used! For normal cleaning of dust or dust, normal methods are used, but you must always be careful because it is a sensitive surface.