Residential Drainage System

Drainage systems for homes have become increasingly common among buildings, when the subject is to build; the French drainage system is always present. If you are thinking of starting a new construction or even applying this system, this is the right place. Understand better how the drainage system works and know what the advantages are.


Drainage systems

French drainage

French drains installation is among the most used as French drainage Portland systems. It is most common in flat terrain; underground tubes surround the entire terrain directing the water away from the landscaping area or vicinity. There are French drains installation Portland companies that specialize in these types of services, but with a little experience you can do it yourself.

Residential drainage system

To install this system, in most cases, it is necessary to excavate the ground; each drainage ditch needs to receive a load of gravel.


You can choose to use a litter box. This box can be masonry or concrete, through pipes, the litter box sends rainwater out of the ground. In general the litter box is similar to the French drain. The difference is that in the French drain it is necessary to use the gravel, since in the litter box it is not necessary.

The trim

The trim needs to be calculated in advance; depending on the size of the area to be drained. This way, the trim is different. But generally, the trim needs to be toward the gutters so that the water is removed from the ground. The trim needs to be done well, especially if the construction site is damp.

With these tips it becomes much easier to choose your drainage system. To get your questions answered, consult an area professional, architect or engineer. He or she can help you and provide the information you need to make your drainage system work well.