How To Bypass Garage Door sensors?/ 5 Easy Methods!

Although garage door sensors have a lot of advantages in terms of our safety. However, they can be aggravating at times, especially if you have a tall car that won’t fit under the garage door. Therefore, this article will discuss how to bypass garage door sensors.

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Best Ways To Bypass  Garage Door Sensors

A few simple methods for bypassing garage door sensors are listed below.

1) Use a Laser

A Laser pointer can be used to bypass garage door sensors. When you direct a laser toward a sensor, it will bounce back into the sensor from the surface.

The same thing this method does: it’ll let the sensor know that you’re good to go, man; there isn’t anything blocking you, so please open up the door. So, the door will be opened.

2) Use a Reflector

A reflective surface can be used to reflect the infrared light of the garage sensor back onto the sensor to bypass it.

This way, we’ll let the sensor know that there isn’t anything blocking the light, and the door will be opened without any issues. The most common reflective surface is a piece of mirror.

3) Hold the garage door button while you press it

Hold down the garage door button while pressing it. This will override the sensors on your garage door, so you can open the door.

4) Switch To Manual Operation

Another simple way to get around the garage door sensor is to set it to manual mode. If you set the door to manual mode, the sensor will not work, and you’ll need to operate the door manually. To do this, pull the red cord attached to the garage door.

5) Utilise a Tape

If you place the tape over the sensor, it will receive the light again. This will resolve your issue.

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If the garage sensors are damaged, then there isn’t any way to bypass them. The only way to resolve your issue is to get rid of them or buy a new set of sensors. Now you have a clue on how to bypass garage door sensors. The comment section is open to any questions.

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